10 Summer Marketing Tip for Your Salon

Running a salon is by no means a simple feat. There’s a whole lot of competition out there! But you can stand out from the crowd - all you need to do is put together a few effective marketing campaigns. Here are ten ideas that could help you to get started on the right track!

  1. Reward Recommendations - Give your customers a small discount if a friend, family member, or colleague attends a first appointment on their recommendation.

  2. Create a Facebook Business Account - more consumers are using social media. Set up a business account on Facebook, so people can view your location, opening times, and access further information.

  3. Create an Instagram Business Account - this a great platform for building a portfolio. If people can see your work, they’re more likely to book in.

  4. Push Online Booking - making people aware of online booking systems can boost the amount of bookings you get. Offer a discount or free small treatment when people use online booking for the first time.

  5. Push App Downloads - booking apps are also a huge success for many salons. Follow the above advice, but apply it to app downloads.

  6. Invest in a Photo Booth - “photo booths” can be cheap and easy to set up. Have your salon’s logo added like a watermark to the corner of people’s photos. They’re bound to share and show on social media.

  7. Promote Seasonal Styles - people tend to get their hair done for occasions. Promote seasonal styles like summer hair and Halloween or Christmas ‘dos.

  8. Come up with a Loyalty Program - reward those who return!

  9. Offer a Birthday Discount - this could encourage people to book in for a trim or colour top up that they might not have beforehand.

  10. Use Influencers - get influencers to promote your salon on Facebook and Instagram. The exposure can be great!

Skyler Barnhart